Koli Achara Seedless

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Rs. 399.00
BouRaAchara started to spread happiness to all our customers who are missing the unique taste of bara koli. Goes by various name in different states- Kul in Bengali, Bara-koli in Odia, Bor in Hindi, Jujube -globally.

    From then, delivery is generally within 24-48 hours, depending on your location.

Koli Achara has a unique taste- tangy, sweet , mild spicy, a wholesome fruit pickle taste.



Barakoli / Indian Plum / Jujube / Kul, Salt,  Turmeric,  Red chilies (optional), Cumin , Fennel,  Fenugreek seeds, Ajwain, Mustard seeds, Jaggery, Tamarind, Paprika (optional), Black Salt, Mustard oil, Hing.



BouRaAchara Koli Achara doesn’t need any accompaniment, we can directly open the bottle and consume. It can also be associated with all foods that you love.


Points to Consider

  1. Once the bottle is opened, please use clean spoon.
  2. Store in a cool place.
  3. The oil present in jar to preserve the pickle for long.
Vendor: BouRaAchara
Weight: 275 g